Any project, any size, any material. We approach each project with energy and attention to detail, delivering a product that is unique to the customers personality and aesthetic.
— Jasper Kahn


Our Services

Kahncrete Creations is commited to bringing your creative vision to life with sophisticated designs and expert craftsmanship. Our services include...

  • Concrete Pouring & Finishing
  • Landscape Design
  • Custom Stonework
  • Masonry
  • Concrete Skatepark Design & Construction

Our Story


← Thats me, Jasper Kahn, and my two pups Lex and Heyla. I was brought into this world by two very special people who met in NYC studying visual and performance arts. After leaving the city they headed north into the Catskills to begin their new family brining along with them their artistic background to help integrate themselves within the community. 

In 2004, my parents pushed myself and a group of friends to start a skatepark committee in hopes of filling the void we all felt our small town had, lacking a safe and fun location to skate. With their help and many others we quickly integrated into our community and began the process of fundraising for our dream park. Five years later the project was complete and Saugerties, New York had a world class concrete skatepark that continues to be filled with skaters of all ages to this day.

This was the start to my adult life – Following dreams and building concrete skateparks. I was able to see firsthand that there was this incredible lifestyle to live, outside of the norm, where you could support a family and travel the world to skate and create.

After 7 years of traveling the globe I have found that there is one thing that holds true to every community, that happiness can be found everywhere. With each move comes the excitement of meeting the locals who are so eager to show outsiders why they love their home.

Within my travels I learned how important having a home is. I have returned to the Catskills where it all began in hopes of keeping my energy focused in one place while watching and helping it grow before me. I seek to serve as an assistant to bringing your creative visions to life through the use of my skills and expertise – giving you a home you love and enjoy.